ouray, co

ouray, colorado


things that make me smile, in no particular order: my family, my pup; semi-colons, dark chocolate, my breath; my friends - aka goddesses who never cease to amaze or inspire, playing with my food (i guess what most people refer to as "cooking"), wildflowerstravel and farmers markets - or any food market for that matter; authentic connection, imperial stouts, jagged mountains

my core philosophy involves connecting to our breath, dropping into our bodies, being in touch with that which physically nourishes us - aka food, and realizing that mother earth is simply an extension of all that we are.

i believe that we are all capable of being our own teachers.  that life offers us lessons each and every day if we're open to receiving them.  

i believe that no school of thought can teach us more than we can teach ourselves. that it's simply a matter of letting go of what we think we know to make space for what life is trying to show us.