raw and uncut, explained.

it all started when...

my creative writing class sat through a particularly uncomfortable reading: a student in our class stumbled through his assignment for the week.  he read to aloud his piece that may have been decent, save for the fact that it was basically his first draft and he tried to pass off as a finished product.  it was awkward and sloppy and lacked any sense of direction.  my creative writing professor gently explained to our class the following week that there are many stages of writing, one being the rough, raw "journal" writing.  this, he explained, is what we ought write for ourselves alone.  

i like to think my "raw and uncut" writing is slightly less awkward than what my classmate shared that day, but maybe it's not.  

sometimes my words come before the thoughts form.  this page is part of my process that maybe shouldn't be shared with the world... but i believe that transparency around the creative process can be beautiful.  

this is my lab; this is where i test my hypotheses.

there's something wonderful about a mess that slowly finds its form.

Hannah Smith