+ connection / - connection

I decided this morning to take a day off from my phone.  I recognize the ease with which we're swept up in the "I need to check..." feeling as it relates to connectivity.  I need to check my email, I need to check my texts, I need to call so and so back.  If you don't respond to a text, you have to worry that someone thinks it's intentional.  If you're not checking email, you're not being a responsible employee.  There's this collective "understanding" surrounding expectations as it relates to communication.  (Which doesn't get at the heart of communication, in my opinion.)

Anyways, I turned on my phone this evening to let a friend know we wouldn't be at dinner tonight, and the wheels started turning.  Kids these days experience so much pressure.  I assume that a few decades ago, you had a few ways to make an impression.  Your actions, your reputation, and people's interpretations of the aforementioned items, collectively formed your "image".  But now... there's social media, there's constant "communication", and there's pressure in regards to all these outlets.  How much time do people spend trying to curate their image?  How much shit do you get from your friends if you're not in constant communication?  There are so many ways to make an "impression" these days that it makes my head spin.

We always romanticize the past or the future so I try my hardest to embrace and love the present moment.  But sometimes I yearn for a period where conversations were had in person.  Meals were shared without people's attention drifting to their buzzing device.  Where that was the expectation, and not a pleasant surprise.  

And I feel so grateful for friends and bikes and Thai food - today's experience.  I'm appreciative of all the ways to interact with our physical surroundings.  (There's some irony in my ability to share these words via the world wide web as I blog about my gratitude for all things tangible...)  The reality is we are where we are and there's no use yearning for the past because we're not moving back in time.  

So my practical application of these words is to consciously form opinions by what I experience in the flesh.  To look to people's actions, and to honor my actions as a reflection of who I am.  The pictures, this website, the texts... that's all extra.  I care about what I experience while firmly rooted in the magic of each moment.

Happy weekend :)

Hannah Smith