sticky fingers

I baked sticky fingers last night. sticky fingers aka marshmallow bars aka warm nostalgia in dessert form. growing up, this recipe was my grandmother's.  recently at thanksgiving, my aunt made these bars.  what was all the more special was the handwritten recipe I found in my aunt's book-o-recipes.  these were labeled "mom's marshmallow bars". 

I saw a food blog recently that was dedicated to the preservation of family history by way of her writing... and feel that, SO hard.

I've thought a lot lately about what makes us feel seen.  where we find our recognition and what makes us feel validated. 

why we do the things we do.

for so many years, writing was a way to cope with my mortality.  I figured that even if my world ceased to exist by tomorrow, people would know me by the words that remained scribbled across the page.  I felt secure knowing my words were an everlasting glimpse into my soul. 

interestingly enough, the past year has brought about a profound shift.  I no longer write as a reflection of my mortality.  I feel now that even if tomorrow was my last day upon this magnificent earth, that people would know me by my actions. 

for so many years, I believed in intention over impact: the only issue with that theory was that my "impact" wasn't always aligned with my intentions.  in fact, I think my former belief in intention over impact justified a lot of crappy behavior.  

because intention matters, but impact arguably matters more.  when I think about how this relates to my passion for cooking, I realize: I care about sharing what I cook and tracking my own recipes - but I care about feeding people and caring through what I deliver MORE.

so no, my pictures aren't great and I don't have this food blog thing all figured out.  but what I do have down pat is my ability to express love through that which I cook and that which I share.

my grandma's sticky fingers

2 c graham cracker crumbs

3.5 c mini marshmallows

1.5 c walnuts

4 T coconut flakes

(mix in a 9 x 13 pan)

in a double boiler:

2 eggs

1 t vanilla

.75 c butter

1 c sugar

pour mixture all over graham/mallow/nut/coco mix.

refrigerate and ENJOY.

best served with love.


Hannah Smith