we see the world not as it is, but as we are

this quote is an idea i encountered a few months back that really spoke to me.  i always joke that if you meet 8 assholes in a day you're the asshole.  but really - how we see the world says maybe 10% about the world and probably 90% about us.  the classic example is the highly suspicious husband/wife who is actually the one cheating on his or her partner.  how we see the world tells US what lens we view the world with.  the world is just as it is.  whether we derive beauty or ugliness from it is our choice because both beauty and ugliness are always there.  

i followed this train of thought in a different direction last night when i began to think about the idea of "god".  this isn't a religious god that i imagine; rather, i use the label god simply as a way to refer to a higher power of sorts.  there's a page in the novel i'm reading - 4 3 2 1 by paul auster - that touches on whether man is created in the image of god or whether god is created in the image of man.  the argument is that all we know about god has been passed through word of mouth by man: we created religion and we created the myths and stories in which god appears... so isn't god a reflection of us, rather than vice versa?

Hannah Smith