you don't have to know

just a little reminder (i say this for myself as much as for anyone else): you don’t have to know what you want. don’t let anyone put pressure on you to have it figured out. as long as we clearly communicate where we are at with our friends, family, partners, etc. we do NOT have to know what we want. it’s okay to exist in the in between space. life has a funny way of turning on us any time we think we have it figured out and reminding us how little control there really is.

as i posted the other day, life is mazes against a backdrop of puzzles wrapped up in riddles. we don’t have to know what we want nor do we have to adjust what we want based on the anticipated reactions of others (this is something that will ALWAYS be my work). if we’re worried about how people will react to our decision, it’s a waste of energy. don’t let fear change what you tell yourself you deserve, because you deserve it all.

AGAIN - you don’t need to have anything figured out.

we arrive when we’re ready. the work is the trust. the work is believing that you deserve all that you want.

the work is what we tell ourselves in the moments where we’re swinging between chapters and have to believe there’s a rope waiting for us on the other side.

on a side note, another thing i’m working on is writing out how i feel (to myself, to others) and speaking my truth several times in order to try and integrate and embody my truths… can you tell? ;)


ximen, taipei
Hannah Smith