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I used to think that adventure and travel were synonymous.  that travel was the gateway to adventure, that we explore when we travel.

I no longer believe that.  (of course, I live in southwest Colorado, where our surroundings are basically a giant playground.  that being said, it took me over a year of planting roots here to understand that adventure is a state of mind, not something we do a plane ride away from home.)

each and every day holds potential for adventure.  we can explore our minds the same way we explore new cities.  (if each morning, we were to comb through our consciousness as an observer - taking it all in, the way one takes in a new city or country - I believe we would have vastly different lens with which we'd view our upcoming day.)

we can explore culture through cuisine.  (I adore fuschia Dunlop's Chinese cookbooks for this very reason.  she ties her recipes to history and stories - which for me, is the magic of food.  food is food is food except that it's so much more than that.  it's recipes that have been passed down, it's a way to express love.  it's how we connect to those who are no longer with us in a way that's tangible and - literally - nourishing.)

we can learn from people we'll never meet, just by picking up a novel.  (for me, history books are fine; however, well-written stories that tie into historical events offer unique insight.  sure, there are events that we all agree happened.  but to be able to understand how those events impacted people - their thoughts, their lens, their outlook on life - adds a staggering depth of understanding.)

my point is, travel is wonderful and it always will be.  but the past year I've learned that adventure comes in all shapes and sizes.  every day is an adventure if we allow it to unfold as such.  sure, life can be chock full of routine - but there's no reason we can't view our menial tasks through a lens of adventure. 

the more gratitude we cultivate, the more we pause to remember how lucky we are to be here, the more room we create to EXPLORE all parts of life.  


handys peak, co

handys peak, co

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