bisti badlands

what a gem.  even though i can't pronounce bisti to save my life, this is one of my favorite areas to explore in new mexico.  the wilderness area spans 45,000 acres just south of Farmington, new mexico.  no trails, no marked signs, just hoodoos and petrified wood and mind blowing rock formations.  although i have yet to heed this advice, the bisti badlands feels like the perfect place to drop acid or eat some mushrooms and wander.  CAUTION: there is NO water out here.  pack in lots of water and i'd recommend exploring during spring or fall - not summer.  it's been super windy both times I've been here, something to take into consideration.  again, what a freaking gem.  i'd never heard of bisti until i moved to the four corners area; if you're in the hood, i'd recommend driving down.  from Durango it takes about an hour and a half! I LOVE BISTI SO MUCH.  so grateful for a body that allows me to explore and a home base that has such amazing access to all kinds of outdoors.